Here is the announcement of the winners of the maiden edtion of Parousia Christmas Short Story Contest.

We have a short List of 10 writers whose stories are outstanding. You should read these Christmas stories.

  1. David Vera Sorochi – Amazing Love
  2. Adesina Ajala – A Christmas of Red and White
  3. Cynthia Chukwuma – Christmas Away From Home
  4. Ebubechukwu Anochili – Best Christmas Ever
  5. Ndifreke George – How I Discovered Christmas
  6. Dera Udochukwu – State of Emergency
  7. Isaac Rejoice – Waiting for Chike
  8. Peace Ufedojo Haruna – A Christmas Story
  9. Oghenero Ezaza – ISAIAH 40:31
  10. Taiwo Bello – Silent Night

WinnerBest Christmas Ever (N25,000)

Ebubechukwu Anochili winner Parousia Christmas Short Story Contest

Ebubechukwu Anochili is from the Eastern part of Nigeria. She is a 24 year old Christian. A graduate of Biochemistry from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. At her leisure, she loves to listen to music, to write and read. She resides in Lagos, Nigeria.

1st Runner-upChristmas Away From Home (N15,000)

Cynthia Chukwuma winner Parousia Christmas Short Story Contest

Cynthia Chukwuma is a master’s student at Tianjin University, studying Chinese International Education. She owns a blog——where she writes stories and poems. She also provides translating services. She lives in Tianjin, China.

2nd Runner-upA Christmas of Red and White (N10,000)

Adesina Ajala winner Parousia Christmas Short Story Contest

Adesina Ajala is a Nigerian writer, poet and medical doctor. His works have appeared or forthcoming in Libretto, Parousia, Eboquills, The Quills, Featiler Rays, The Wild Word, Praxis, AFAS Review, Nantygreens, Ngiga Review, Arts Muse-Fair, Mbari, Brave Voices, Dark Lagos, Artmosterrific, Memento, Con-Scio, Wind & Water community chapbook and elsewhere. He was winner Shuzia Creative Writing Contest (4th edition) and two time winner, Fodio Data Stipend for Poetry. Twitter: @adesina_ajala.

Honourable Mentions

1. “ISAIAH 40:31” by Oghenero Ezaza

2. “How I Discovered Christmas” by Ndifreke George

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.

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