The cloud’s clap
still galivant in our ears
stepping on minds and hearts
melted with faith of following fate.

‘What if Now
What songs shall we sing?’.

Hades smiles be-happy earth
calling unto men clarion calls
to serve its fertile land
filled with germinated seeds of fleshy lust
waiting to be harvested in season
amidst seven-kindled fire.

‘What if now
What songs shall we sing?’.

Voice of a silent screams
in that thick cruel wilderness
saturates its environs
beckoning to armies
fit for the master’s use
to come leaving, laying behind benefits
carved on wordly beauties.

‘What if now
What songs shall we sing?’.

What if Now
Jesus appears standing between the heaven and earth
red eye burning flames
swords flying out as HE speaks
bringing unto HIM
Laborers who labored well
laying their treasures in the heavenly places?

‘What if now
What songs shall we sing?’

Ogunsanya Enitan Olalekan a poet and a writer whose love for art
lured into penning.

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