Walking with God by Abigail-Tydale Bassey

Walking With God by Abigail-Tydale Bassey is the 11th chapbook in Parousia Christian Poetry Chapbook Series. Here is what people have to say about this book.

“If this Gospel were a wonderland;

full of sweet enchantments;

the end of a lonely walkway_

and if my poetry were a compass,

I’d tread.

Wouldn’t you?”

~Abigail-Tydale Bassey

“In a world full of uncertainties, Abigail carefully knits words of hope through her collection of poems Walking with God. She is a prolific writer and her works are really captivating. Reading one of her poems means reading the entire collection as there is a driving force that locks you in once you initiate reading. With all the challenges people have been struck with due to the pandemic, what we desire is a soul-lifter and a reminder that there is hope for tomorrow. That, Abigail has provided to us through this collection which has personally given me healing and encouragement.”

~ Queen-Carol Jones

Walking with God by Abigail-Tydale Bassey

“Musical, smooth, and durable use of words; devoted to devotees, and super engaging.”

~ Tobi Salami

“Abigail-Tydale has simplified core Christian themes with such literary finesse and prowess that could only come from those who know their onions.

Indeed, very little faults will bring surprises on the final day. 

A great work, I must admit.”

~Akaninyene Eteka David 

“What Abigail has done in Walking with God is like taking one’s soul to church while reading her simple sermoned poems with a visceral emotion that rings throughout the mind like a personal conversation with God. This is arguably an awakening to our being from getting lost to getting found_The Good Samaritan and Moses’ Old Sandals are my favorite.”

~ Babafemi Babatunde

Walking with God by Abigail-Tydale Bassey

“Jesus calls out for a walk with him. Using parables and stories, there comes a total peace of mind in this journey. In the same way, Abigail shows you the beauties of such a life. Reminds you of the glory ahead as it continues after death.

Child, lay your heart

Not in tears and wants

Not in sorrows;

In every little thing,

Touch me, hail me,

Like a music that touches the soul,

The little heart can worship and praise.


~ Mercy-Hezphibah Essang

“Abigail is about the most talented young person I know– Walking With God is prove to that.

The bravery of this chapbook is that, it does not look away from anything; the miracle is that wherever it looks it finds poetry, spirit and God…having christian forms of imageries buried deeply in doxology, music and hymns.”

~ Younglan Talyoung

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