Vote For Jesus by Olatokun Oluwafemi

Vote for Jesus by Olatokun Oluwafemi


OLATOKUN OLUWAFEMI A, a poet, playwright, novelist, short-story writer, song writer and social crusader, is a diligent man of many talents. He lives in Lagos, Nigeria. He graduated from the National Open University of Nigeria in 2015 with an honours degree in English Language.

He is a realist and a conscientious being who spills the oil of words on pages like correction fluid with the aim of correcting social and spiritual ills in human society and also endows words with wings to fly the message of reorientation, rejuvenation, and hope to every beautiful creation of God. He is an ardent lover of Christ and he strongly believes that the gospel must be preached by every possible means.

He is the author of The Fundamentals of Oral English for All Students, It is my Right (A Play), Reorientation (Poetry) and many other academic and literary works. He is a highly seasoned English teacher and currently teaches at Livingstone College, Lagos.


  1. Vote for Jesus is a win for all mankind, it is very pleasing to the heart and the soul of those who heed this great call

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