Born Sinner

The Alpha and Omega of my lucky soul
Your gorgeous grace has no race
Like your fair faithfulness that’s stainless
Before the hypnotic face of heaven.
My ways are filthy and unhealthy from childhood
Like a vulture with no future that feeds on dead meat,
I know I am a pest and had caused a tempest,
And I want to flee from my ship that’s capsizing into your arms.

Come O! Perfect Lord, undress my oozing filthiness
With your soft luscious kisses from heaven,
Come O! Perfect Lord, safe me from this horrific terror,
I have sinned, I am tired of my drop-dead-filthy ways.

Sprinkle your comely anointing and heal my prime,
I am ready to drink from your enchanting holiness,
I am drowning like the faithless disciple, take my hand
For my longing fate now lies in you my magnificent faith.


You are the delightful lyrics of my pretty poetry
For whenever I recite the ravishing holy laws
I feel my blood racing, pulling the energy in me
To sing alluring praises in memoriam of the love
You gave me on the cross of Calvary for being your child.

Tenderly whenever I kneel before your glaring alter
With my hands high up I feel your adorable grace
Anointing my alluring head with enchanting mercy
For me to go into the world and shepherd the lost sheep
Into your glorious kingdom where grace is in abundance.

The sweet fragrance of your angelic presence
Is breathtaking like the days of Jesus Christ on earth.
The magnificent mercy you clothed me with is adorable
And comely like a soft kiss from a charming butterfly
That hovers on an alluring rose with sweet fragrance,

For that my soul shall glorify your enchanting name
With the charming lyre and tambourine of my sensuous poetry.


Daniel Singfuri Yohanna hails from Cham district, Balanga L.G.A of Gombe state Nigeria. He is a graduate of Education (English) from the University of Maiduguri. His works have appeared in an international anthology title “The Markas.” Three of his poems have appeared in Parousia Christian Magazine. He is a member of Unimaid Artist Club, he is also a member of Borno Literary Society. He has euphoria for poetry, prose and drama. His favorite Bible verse is found in Philippians 4:13. His stage name is Nature. He writes from Rivers, Nigeria.

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