Jesus, the Beauty of Our Life 

Jesus, the beauty of life like

the sweet glowworm in the

darkness to make the day at night.

Our Life Without Jesus Christ

The existence of life

without Jesus is 

like a dried tree

Standing alone in the scorching sun 

 with the bare leaves.

This bare tree is called ‘Dead Tree.’

Christ’s Last Words are

like the children tear off the entrails 

of their mother from the womb.

All think the entrails are the food

that can empower their soft muscles.

Mother knows her inevitable death. 

Still she called them ‘dear innocent children.’


UJJAL MANDAL is a scholar and writer. He hails from Ganguria, a little village replete with green trees & the smell of divinity pervaded the whole ambience. He was born at Ganguria in 1995. Writing work includes poetry and short story. He has had great passion for poetry since his childhood. His work is published in various journals, magazines & anthologies. He completed his masters degree in English from University of Gour Banga, West Bengal, India. He writes in both English and Bengali. His translated poems of Tagore are forthcoming in Ezra an Online Journal of Translation. To him, “poetry is the eruption of feelings through the geothermal heart”. He can be reached at

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