I’ve set curse on my feet for a cause
If my mouth refuses to confess this course

i was lost in the cell of death in thousand times
but found in the wilderness of life in a day

when I  received the hallowed message
the flame of my eyes increased 
which ablaze the sackcloth in my soul

we drank polluted wine in the absence of the word
but the saint brings living water

we widen our mouths open to testify 
as to strengthen the weak in caravan

the sacrifices in the past were burden to animals
but the word cutoff the odds

the armour of life impaled, arrested and denied the crown 
to emancipate and release the keys to conquer life and death

Its a testimony that we live to die 
and die to live to end the odds of life.


I heard the silent noise in the air
Striding my name like a rag
Singing and rhyming without my consent
Reveling all in my name.

I’ve come to tell the globe my name
My name is love – don’t mistake me to malice
I detest the countenance that lies in my name.

The sun shines to dry wet leaves
The rain drenches to give water to the wretched,
Physicians to heal the ills in the land.

Oh world! You’ve spoilt.
Fervid feelings of kindness is me
If you want me to dance to your tone,
Sing to the rhymes of my dancing steps.
If you want to preach about me,
Give to the homeless and the hopeless.
If you want me to be your friend, 
Accept all requests in your heart.

I’m gazing the world from the sky 
Singing and preaching love in vain
Painting and capturing the image of hatred as love
Telling the world lies upon lies
Flying here and there with their weak wings.

Dear world, 
I lend ink to shade my thoughts
Learn to embrace love and keep to the law
Learn to embrace love for love is the greatest law.


Some people pretend to be like me
But their real self is crystal clear
Some people pretend to be like the good Samaritan
But they sell crumbs to their slaves
Some people pour inks to paint my portraits
But never glance their shaded leaves
Some people preach love but hate their selves
Some people craft compassion but are not passionate.

If you cannot give, don’t give
The creator never grip for the free gift to man
He created us to live and enjoy to the fullest

If the humming birds can be kind to each other,
Why is it hard like Gibraltar rock for man?
If the moon light is to brighten the earth,
Why not tell the moon light stories?
If you have read the book of kindness,
Why not interpret to the lay men that lay on greediness?

My name is kindness
I have come to tell the world about myself
I have come to kill feeble minds in the region
I have come with open heart to cheer my name
I detest harshness and merciless for their strange names
My name is kindness, kindness is my name

Key unto the greatest law and prosper
Despise wrong path but follow the right path
I’ve told you my name 
Don’t mistaken me to evil crown,
When you see the gleaming countenance of the monsters.


Goto Emmanuel hails from Opuba, Arogbo in Ese-odo local government Ondo state, Nigeria. An undergraduate in Niger Delta University, Wilberforce island, Bayelsa state. An ijaw by tribe. A christian. A poet, Essayist, fiction writer and a budding lawyer. He believes the power of writing.
Hobbies are reading, writing , swimming and football. Lover of natural activities such as flower etc.

Most poems of Goto Emmanuel are about nature, politics and love. A lover of book who strives to do his possible best in the work of art.He uses poetry to preach and encourage the society to follow the right path. His poems are inspiring, teaching and touching. His Facebook username is Ghoto Emmanuel Silvanus. Currently residing at Yenegoa the capital city of Bayelsa state, Nigeria.

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