What a living creature!
With a stony heart
A friendly foe,
The devil’s disciple.

With a treacherous gifts
You wooed her,
Innocent she is,
To the gimmicks of your plans.

A child old enough
To be your daughter,
Cantankerously you thrust
your tail in between her legs.

Helpslessly she cries for help
Pleading your beastly eyes,
Your ears deaf to her cries
The Id at work.

Why rape her?
She calls you Uncle
In return you lust after her thighs,
What a friendly beast.

What pleasure have you derived?
In your sinful assignment,
Are you human or beast?
Why make her a woman?

The world is mad at you
For been inhuman to human
In her innocency,
You stole her pride.

The superego at work
Why pleading for mercy?
Can you restore her pride?
Why blame the innocent devil?

The society regrets your existence
The court frowns at you,
Prison your gracious abode.


Jude Chukwuemeka Muoneke hails from Akokwa in Ideato North of Imo state, Nigeria. He is currently in Wukari, Taraba state. He studied English and Literary Studies at Federal University Wukari, Taraba state, Nigeria. He has flare for poetry. Some of his published poems are: “The Visitor”, “The Decaying Society”, “Divorce”, “The Mystery”, “The Saint Bottle’s Cathedral”, “The Religious Hypocrisy”, The Mysticism of Love: A Short Story, and Achebe’s Seed: An Anthology.

He writes on national issues that have bedeviled the society in by and large. These national issues cut across socio-cultural, political, religious and romantic nature of man.

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