Oh Lord the owner of my ink
Let it continue vomiting on paper
And to flow without a stink
So as to explore the truth of the matter.

I dedicate my thought to humanity
And my words to cure the racism
Hovering as a result of our diversity
In this state stinking with nepotism.

Oh Lord the owner of my wisdom
Knower of my end from the beginning
I enshrined my pen in your kingdom
To tell an-all-rounded truth like a ring.

Let not the ink in my pen be clotted
Like the motionless blood of a man
Whose life has been sadly visited
By the cold hands of death’s frown.

Oh Lord my home of poetry
Always fill my well with wit
So I can smell stainless victory
From now to the end I meet.


Kwaghkule Aondonengen Jacob is an Award Winning poet. He is popularly know by his pen name ‘Mr Kvip’.
He has his poems published with Praxis Magazine and elsewhere.

Currently, he is a student of English and Literary Studies at Federal University, Wukari, Taraba State, Nigeria.

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