We are excited to announce the launch of Parousia Reads, a publishing firm and online bookstore whose aim is to create a home for you as a Christian author. We explore numerous arts through captivating, interesting and outstanding writing, illustrations and more.

Parousia reads is a sister body to Parousia Magazine, Africa’s First Christian Art and Literary Magazine. As a rule at Parousia Reads, we are dedicated to helping authors build their writing careers. We have a range of services that attends to your needs without a single stress on you. We believe that the best publishing happens with great care, creativity and paying superb attention to details. We have a clear vision for our authors supported by the best editing, cover design, marketing and publicity.  We promote publications and give it the best publicity it deserves.

We understand that the writing market can be overwhelming, so, for everyone who writes and would like to have their books in the hand of readers, we offer services ranging from editing, design and formatting, publishing, sales, marketing and distribution.

Perchance you already have a book but need the perfect online bookstore, Parousiareads bookstore is the place to visit. Authors can upload their books for free on www.parousiareads.com.

At Parousia Reads, the focus is on quality. This is why we excellently create and publish brilliant books that sell. Our aim is to add value every step of the way, and to break down the barriers between publishers and writers and readers. We are committed to providing first-class services to the writers who trust us with their books. We care passionately about the quality of our editorial work. Design and production also matters a lot to us as well, so we work up a sweat to promote and market them.

The publication of our book comes with different packages such as: Editing, Proofreading, Formatting and Layout, Cover Design etc.

Our easy to navigate and user friendly website offers information on every of our services.

Visit www.parousiareads.com, we are certain you will find all the information you need today and reach out to us on how we can help.

For enquiries, kindly shoot us a mail at publishing@parousiareads.com.


  1. Wow.
    I love this new site. Your services are incredible because you are indeed breaking barriers between writers and readers by doing your best with your talent for both published and unpublished artist.
    May your hard work be rewarded with abundant blessings by God the father, God the son, and God the Holy Spirit.

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