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O Jesus, the Beauty!
 The world was trudging through
The waves of blood,
You paved the way of how
The ruinous sounds of
A pair of swords can be
Transformed into a loving bell
Where the sparkles of love dance.
O, Jesus! You gave the hollow men
 Most noise of wisdom;
They realized knowledge can't be found
On the pages of coloring books
But be found within like the seeds sleep
Into the dark room to come out
In full bloom some day.
The birds dared not to sing aloud
Among the wailing voices,
The rain dared not to fall
On the congested blood, was feared of
Losing her continual way.
The flowerbuds could not bloom in full,
Thought of losing their innocent beauty.
O, God Jesus! You gave the birds
The invincible voice,
The unremitting paths to the rain,
The eternal beauty to the sweet flowerbuds.

UJJAL MANDAL, a Postgraduate scholar and an emerging poet from West Bengal, India. He lives at Ganguria. He was born in 1995. His work has been published widely in such journals as Muse India, Daath Voyage, Gnosis Journal, Active Muse, Dissident Voice, Criterion, PAROUSIA Magazine and many others. His translated poems of Rabindranath Tagore are forthcoming in Ezra An Online Journal Of Translation. He says “poetry is an eruption of feelings through the geothermal heart.” He could be reached at

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