A new book from Chime Nwa-Immanuel is a delight to read from it beautiful captivating cover to the message the book holds. Published by Parousia, we present to you an exceptional book that will help you build and activate confidence and faith. 

The UNKNOWN breeds uncertainty. UNCERTAINTY inspires Fear. But the REVELATION OF TRUTH brings confidence and Trust inspires FAITH.

Chime Nwa-Immanuel in a conversational style within twelve chapters acknowledges the fact that Fear does exist but argues that imaginative fear should not be a characteristic of Christians. He adds that, trusting God's Word and following divinely revealed principles in the Scripture, Christians can overcome those imaginative Fear to become all that God has designed (created) them to be.
Those imaginative Fears include:

The Fear of Failure
The Fear of Starting Afresh
Inferiority Complex
The Fear of Acceptance/Rejection
The Fear of Appearing Odd (being Different) just to mention a few.

What is most intriguing about Chime Nwa-Immanuel's book is that it is simply inspiring. It makes plain the hills, levels the valley, and strengthen the knees of the weak to walk on higher ground leading to holistic and FRUITFUL LIFE.

The Book is available on

  • FEAR by Chime Nwa-Immanuel
  • FEAR by Chime Nwa-Immanuel

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