My Trusty Compass
(John 14:26, John 16:23, 1 Cor. 2:10)

I am a sailor on a stormy old sea
With the jolly old land nowhere in sight,
My boat buffeted by the wind, hither and thither,
Upon an ocean that had claimed souls less staunch,
My voyage upon the waves unending, tides unchanging it seems,
The world a whole body of unchanging churning ocean.

All hope is lost, or so it seems,
My ordeals unending without the shore at hand,
Sharp tang of the sea my constant breath,
Salt water invading my boat at intervals, drenching me to the bone,
But in the midst of the turmoil,
My heart is at peace for I am not lost.

I have a compass, a dear old compass,
My secret companion, friend of the lost,
Given at the Sailor’s departure, a promise fulfilled
That goes wherever I go, teaching me all things,
And brings to my remembrance, the teachings I’d taken
At the feet of the Master Sailor who commands the winds
And subject the seas to his whims
Nostalgia of good times spent with the Master.

I have a compass, a trusty compass
That is set to guide me into all truths,
My due North, the way to the Kingdom I am bound,
To navigate the unceasing storms,
Get me to my Journey’s end
At the right destination, The kingdom of God.

I have a compass, the Master Sailor’s own Compass,
That searches all things, heights and depths,
The deep things of the Spirit, my safe passage,
So I will not run my boat aground.

My dear trusty old compass,
That searches all things, Teaches all things,
Brings to remembrance all things,
Constantly pointing me homeward in the North,
Straight to the haven, the kingdom of God,
Thank you Holy Spirit, my trusty old companion,
My trusty compass.


Olaitan Victor Olanrewaju is a writer and a poet who lives in
Lagos but hails from Ibadan, Nigeria. A graduate of History and International Studies from the University of Ilorin. He wishes to use his God-given talent of word crafting to touch lives and leave an imprint upon the hearts of men. His works include both the gospel and
contemporary works some of which have been published both on Parousia Magazine, Afrocabin, Writer Space African magazine, Tush Stories and a
few other online platforms. He is currently working on some prose
works which will be out soon.

Watchout for him.

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