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For the moments spent on this earth so beautiful,
And the lovely charming blissful life,
For the dreams fulfilled in the flowery path,
I thank thee, O my Lord, my Jesus Christ!

The hurdles in my path I found,
Turning themselves into opportunities abound,
The more they appear, the better person I emerge thence,
Thank you, my Lord, for the love and care!

For the faults and follies in my petty self,
And the ego, the desires that ruled my world,
For all the worst that in me resides,
I seek your forgiveness and your hand to hold!

The twisted path of life entwined,
As a labyrinth entangles my heart and soul,
Your blessings, the only solace for me,
A guiding light, a beacon of hope!

Whence the path with darkness enshrouded, veiled,
All hopes, all courage, all recourse failed,
Despite the flaws you embosom all,
Your love that steers the humankind through the fall!

In the awry course of eventful life,
Obscured and vague, my soul seems lost,
Emerging as a ray of light,
Your blissful smile that sparkles faith!

Clutched and clasped by vicious brawn,
Demonic devilish iniquity prevails,
In the depth of my heart a candle then shimmers,
Surrendering self to the Lord in Heaven!

In darkness lost, by ignorance blinded,
Life’s wiggly journey squiggles away,
Until the compassion a path new opens,
As the messenger of God embraces all!

Bewildered perplexed, the distracted soul,
Amidst the evil, survives the being,
The darkness sheds, the ignorance dissipates,
The Lord’s blessings illumine all!

A humble act of kindness, a generous hand that stretched for all
A little smile and cheer spread abound,
My life’s an offering to Him, wishing to reside,
In the paradise of love with the Lord, my Jesus Christ!

(Luke 23:43 Jesus said to him, “I promise you that today you will be in Paradise with me.”)


Giti-Tyagis on Parousia Magazine


Giti Tyagi is an editor, creative artist, poetess, writer, reviewer from India. A former Senior lecturer and an educational consultant, her stories and poems have been published in reputed national and international magazines, journals, ebooks- Parousia Magazine; Devour: Art And Lit Canada- Issues 5,6,7; Muse India; Call Beyond. Having won several contests, Giti was honoured in 2019 for her contributions in the literary world.

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