Father in Heaven
I’m loving You today
So I’m going to worship
and I’m going to pray

This day I pray
to you my Lord
For my heart to receive
Your truth, Your word

I’m listening for You
to speak to me
To bestow Your love
and divine energy

As a child of God
I worship Your decree
The promise of Holy Spirit
is God’s gift to me

In the power of Christ
and Your divine plan
When God calls out to me
I answer…here I am

I’m living in faith
I trust and rely
That Your gifts and blessings
You will provide


While reeling in the depths of a traumatic life change, Kelly was gifted with divine expression in the form of poetry. In the midst of her heartache, this greatest gift assisted in her healing journey, and rising above those circumstances. Finding her voice through her poems, has given Kelly a purpose and a passion.

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