Oh dear God
I’m praying to You
I’m just so hurt
and don’t know what to do

My cup is empty
I’ve got no more to give
The pain is too much
I don’t want to live

I can’t see in this dark
there is no light
I am so tired
of this unfair fight

The pain is too much
I cannot bear
I’m all alone
no one cares…

Not even me
I don’t care anymore
I’m turning my back
and shutting the door

Because I feel so alone
but then I remember
Your promise to us
when we surrender

So I pray, dear God
I’m at the end of my rope
The only thing left
is a glimmer of hope

Please carry my burdens
so I can gather my strength
I just need a break
for a bit of a length

Because I’m near the end
I’ve shed so many tears
So I will surrender
my worries and fears

I need Your help
I know it’s true
Please guide me Lord
I am praying to You

And I trust in You
to walk by my side
To lighten my load
and lay my fears aside

Your gift to me
is the promise of Your love
I accept it now
Heavenly Father above


While reeling in the depths of a traumatic life change, Kelly was gifted with divine expression in the form of poetry. In the midst of her heartache, this greatest gift assisted in her healing journey, and rising above those circumstances. Finding her voice through her poems, has given Kelly a purpose and a passion.

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