• Book Title: Awakening Dreams
  • Author: Akinyemi Jelili Oyelere
  • Reviewer: Laraba C. Yaga
  • Genre: Poetry
  • Publisher: Parousia Reads Publishing
  • ISBN: 978-864-608-913-8
  • Year: 2020
Awakening Dreams by Akinyemi Jelilli Olalere

Akin is known to be a word smith who craftily steals his ways into the heart of his readers, thereby leaving them gaping. He uses the power of pen and papers to vent out his anger on several corrupt practices bedeviling the society he resides in.

He started the book by scribbling the poem which calls for a great awakening within the minds of individual and the society at large. He used this tool to awaken the weak spirit within, that spirit of camaraderie which shall one day make the face of Africa shine. According to him, the future is in the hands of today’s effort as stated in his poem titled: FUTURE. We need to make a conscious effort towards achieving tomorrow’s dreams.

The rest of the book continued by presenting us with the picture of Africans suffering, the ill-treatment meted out by corrupt leaders as well as the cry of the common man. He also presented us with the vivid pictures of his childhood days and how he grew up as a struggling Nigerian child.

What Akin failed to analyse in this book apart from his call to awakening, he didn’t state the possible projection as a dimension the common man need to take in order to vindicate himself from the strongholds of these power drunken leaders.

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