We are pleased to announce the release of an outstanding book “The Mystery of the Cross Revealed” by Oscar Amaechina

Book Title: The Mystery of the Cross

Author: Oscar Amaechina

Category: Non-Fiction/Theology/Religion

Publisher: Parousia Reads Publishing

ISBN: 978 978 58150 4 7

About the Book:

Christians are perishing for lack of knowledge of the mystery of the cross, there are lots of abuses in our churches and many are deceived to worship mammon instead of God. All these vices are attributable to cross-less Christianity which is prevalent in our churches globally.
This is a comprehensive package that demystifies the maladies, exposes the corruption and gives solutions to the exacerbated and decayed conditions of our churches.
The revelations of the power, the glory and the hidden beauty of the cross have produced this book for the salvation of the unsaved world and unsaved Christians, for the emancipation of the enslaved Christians,  for the healing  of the wounded Christians, for the revival and restoration of the apostate Christians and for the edification and navigation of heavenly bound Christians. This is a book for all Christians and the world.

You can read the exclusive interview with the author here

This book is available of major digital stores such as Amazon, Okadabooks and Parousiareads at good price.

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