Acacia, tell us a bit about yourself. 

I am a seventeen-year-old girl with a passion for Jesus and words. I love the way that the gospel impacts people and transforms their lives. My family and I are missionaries in Scotland from Canada. I have three younger brothers. We’re a loud bunch of artists. 

Where do you get your ideas?

I take ideas from the emotions I experience and the things happening around me in the world. Having moved countries at a young age, writing became a way to process change in a healthy way. I filled journals with poetry, ideas, art, and songs. Some of these eventually ended up in my book, Waiting Spaces.

One of the biggest places that I get ideas from is my faith. I believe that Jesus came to earth, died, and rose again in order to save us. The knowledge of that kind of love is overwhelmingly powerful and writing drives me to all ends to capture that redemption. 

Why did you decide to indie publish?

I really enjoy the creative process of putting a project together. Since I knew that I wanted art and a lot of input on how the final product looked, I decided to publish it myself. It’s taught me a lot!

Who are your favourite writers? 

Depends on the genre! 

I love poetry by Levi the Poet, John Donne, and Maya Angelou. 

John Grisham and Ted Dekker are my go-to novelists. I also love a good biography- insight into other people’s lives delights me to no end. 

You’re pretty young. Why publish now?

I am young! My parents brought me up with the belief that being young was no reason to pass up an opportunity to try something new. It just seemed like a natural next step to form a collection of poetry.

I think my writing will give readers new insight into places of waiting and redemption, and the experience of publishing has taught me so many skills. 

The world that we live in sends conflicting messages to teenagers- “you can change the world” and “wait until you are an adult to contribute to society”. I’d like to start making a difference now, through the words God has given me to write with. 

Why the name “Waiting Spaces”?

The past few years have felt like constant waiting. My family didn’t always know where we would be living the next year, whether we would get visas, or where money would come from. In my own personal life, I’ve felt like I’ve been waiting to find a home in Britain- searching for the pieces to fall into place. Waiting Spaces explores those places and the ways that they have taught me to grow. Through all of it, God has been teaching me to wait on him and to trust that he knows best. 

What do you want people to take away from Waiting Spaces?

It is my hope that people are drawn to Jesus through Waiting Spaces. I have often found it hard to slow down and appreciate what God is teaching me in the moment- to enjoy waiting on God and allowing myself to grow. 

Perhaps Waiting Spaces can assure people that God calls us to waiting- and that is not a worthless thing. 

Where can people find your writing?

You can buy Waiting Spaces here: 

Other places to find my work are my blog,, or my Instagram, @acaciawritespoems. I love collaborating with my fellow artists- send me a message if you are interested in writing with me! 

Acacia Mitchell is a teen from Canada who moved to Scotland in 2015. She has been published on the Rebelution, written for the stage, and is the author of Waiting Spaces, a collection of poetry. She has a passion for artistic expression and the way that it reflects the Creator.
Her blog can be found at or you can follow her Instagram @acaciawritespoems. 

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